Placenta Processing

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Processing your placenta is a safe and healthy method of aiding your body through the transition of the postpartum period. The placenta is the organ that surrounds your baby and provides the circulation of vital nutrients, blood and waste. It is rich in minerals, and our encapsulation option can help you boost your health in various ways.

Some benefits of consuming the placenta include:

  • helps prevent postpartum depression
  • improves breast milk supply
  • boosts postpartum energy levels
  • aids the uterus in returning to its pre-pregnancy size
  • may prevent postpartum hemorrhage and decrease postpartum bleeding
  • may prevent iron deficiency anemia

There is a flat rate of $250 for pick up from UTMB Galveston, raw method placenta encapsulation, and delivery on the island. Clients of Galveston Birth Center can take advantage of a discounted rate of $200 for raw method placenta encapsulation.

Our Services

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Initial Consultation

We encourage families to schedule a time to visit, ask questions, and take a private tour of our facility and birthing space.

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Your prenatal period is a time of change, growth, learning, and building a loving and trusting relationship with your midwives.

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Childbirth Class

We offer a childbirth education class to share knowledge regarding pregnancy, labor, birth, the postpartum period, and newborn care.

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Labor & Birth

You can choose to birth in your own home or in our luxury birthing suite while being supported by our caring midwives.

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The Midwives will guide you through your postpartum period while you are adjusting to life with your newest addition.

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Placenta Encapsulation

Galveston Birth Center is the island's only location that has an OSHA-compliant area dedicated to placenta processing.

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