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Galveston Birth Center was planned with the intention of improving women’s access to alternative maternity care and the choices available to them for their pregnancies and births. In a county where birth options are limited, the existence of a birth center creates diversity in maternity care choices, not only for Galveston Island, but for many neighboring towns.

We share a vision for families on and close to the island that will provide families options for receiving prenatal and postpartum care close to home and for birthing outside of the hospital.

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“Let choice whisper in your ear and love murmur in your heart. Be ready. Here comes life.”

-Maya Angelou


”I’m so grateful to have found In Bloom Midwifery and the Galveston Birth Center for my second pregnancy. Jaymee made me feel so comfortable and valued, which is NOT something that all providers can (or will) do. They were loving and attentive, always responding when I had a question or concern…

If I’m blessed with another child in the future, I know exactly who will be delivering my baby. Thank you, Jaymee, Lourdes, and Tara! Love and appreciate you gals!”


I had an amazing experience with Galveston Island Birthing Center. After much research my husband and I decided that we wanted a natural birth for my son. I built a close and intimate relationship with Jaymee and Lourdes during the prenatal part of my pregnancy, and they were always available to help with any of my concerns. They were truly amazing in giving me much needed confidence as my due date neared. Together we established a plan for all aspects of the delivery and for anything that might happen.


It’s hard to put into words how awesome these ladies are! Jaymee and Lourdes took their time answering all questions and worries that being a first time momma has/had and I so appreciated that. I never felt rushed through appointments which was also refreshing. Throughout my 2+ day labor she offered invaluable emotional and hands on support to help bring my baby into the world peacefully and safely. Highly recommend!


Lordes and Jaymee are amazing! I felt listened to during all of my appointments and if I ever had questions, they responded very quickly to my calls.

The birth at the birth center was perfect. They were extremely reassuring during labor and gave me direction when I needed it. I would definitely deliver with them again


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